The Kori Nuclear Power Plant is a South Korean nuclear power plant located in Gori, a suburban village in Busan. It is owned and operated by KEPCO. The first reactor began commercial operation in 1978.

An expansion of the Kori Nuclear Power Plant begun in 2006 added four new Korean-sourced reactors, the so-called Shin Kori reactors. The first pair of Shin Kori reactors are of the OPR-1000 design, while the second two are the APR-1400 design. By November 2010 the first was online and the rest undergoing trials or construction. Two further APR-1400 reactors are in planning.

Breakdown by Reactor

So far, all reactors on site are Pressurized water reactors by definition.

Attribute Kori 1 Kori 2 Kori 3 Kori 4 Shin Kori 1 Shin Kori 2 Shin Kori 3 Shin Kori 4
Net Electric Output 556 MWe 605 MWe 895 MWe 895 MWe 960 MWe (960) MWe (1340) MWe (1340) MWe
First Criticality 06/1977 04/1983 01/1985 10/1985 06/2010 - - -
Commercial Start 04/1978 07/1983 09/1985 04/1986 12/2010 - - -
Reactor Supplier Westinghouse Westinghouse Westinghouse Westinghouse KHNP/KEPCO KHNP/KEPCO KHNP/KEPCO KHNP/KEPCO
NSSS supplier General Electric General Electric General Electric General Electric Doosan Doosan Doosan Doosan
Architecture Gilbert Gilbert Bechtel Bechtel KOPEC KOPEC KOPEC KOPEC
Construction Westinghouse Westinghouse Hyundai Hyundai Hyundai Hyundai Hyundai Hyundai