The Oskarshamn Nuclear Power Plant is one of three active nuclear power stations in Sweden. The plant is about 30 kilometers north of Oskarshamn directly at the Kalmarsund at the Baltic Sea coast and with three reactors produces about 10% of the electricity needs for Sweden. All reactors use BWR technology.

Oskarshamn Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1 has an installed output of 487 MW, Unit 2 627 MW, and Unit 3, the newest reactor block at the facility, has an installed output of 1,194 MW. The nuclear power station Oskarshamn is thereby one of the largest power stations in the Nordic area by production.

Clab, the temporary storage facility for spent nuclear fuel from all Swedish reactors, is also located at the site.

The responsible utility is OKG, short for the Oskarshamnsverkets Kraftgrupp OKG, which was acquired by Sydkraft in 1993, which is called E.ON Sverige currently. E.ON Sverige owns 54.5% and the other partner Fortum 45.5% of OKG.

Oskarshamn Nuclear Power Plant
Country Sweden
Construction began 1965
Commission date February 6, 1972
Operator(s) OKG Aktiebolag

Reactor information
Reactors operational 1 x 487 MW
1 x 627 MW
1 x 1,194 MW

Power generation information
Annual generation 15,736 GW·h
Net generation 389,797 GW·h