Arkansas Nuclear One - ANO

Arkansas Nuclear One (ANO) is a two-unit pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant located on Lake Dardanelle in Russellville, Arkansas; it is the only nuclear power plant in Arkansas.

It is owned by Entergy Arkansas and operated by Entergy Nuclear.

Arkansas Nuclear One Unit One

Unit One has a generating capacity of 846 MW of electricity, and came online on May 21, 1974. It is licensed to operate through May 20, 2034. Its nuclear reactor was supplied by Babcock and Wilcox.

Arkansas Nuclear One Unit Two

Unit Two has a generating capacity of 930 MW of electricity, and came online on September 1, 1978. It is licensed to operate through July 18, 2038. Its nuclear reactor was supplied by Combustion Engineering. Unit two is the only one that uses the cooling tower; Unit One releases heat back into Lake Dardanelle.

Arkansas Nuclear One
Country United States
Locale Russellville, Arkansas
Status Operational
Construction began 1969
Commission date Unit 1: May 21, 1974
Unit 2: Sept. 1, 1978
Licence expiration Unit 1: May 20, 2034
Unit 2: July 18, 2038
Construction cost $901,500,000
Operator(s) Entergy
Architect(s) Bechtel

Reactor information
Reactors operational 1824 MW
Reactor type(s) Pressurized water reactor
Reactor supplier(s) Unit 1: Babcock and Wilcox
Unit 2: Combustion Eng.

Power station information
Generation units Unit 1: Westinghouse
Unit 2: General Electric

Power generation information
Installed capacity Unit 1: 846 MW
Unit 2: 930
Annual generation 15,978 GW·h

North Anna Nuclear Power Plant

The North Anna Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power plant on a 1,075-acre (4.35 km2) site in Louisa County, Virginia. The site is operated by Dominion Generation company and is jointly owned by the Dominion Virginia Power corporation (88.4%) and by the Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (11.6%).

The North Anna Nuclear Power Plant has two Westinghouse pressurized water reactors which went on-line in 1978 and 1980 respectively. Together the reactors generate 1.79 gigawatts of power, which is distributed mainly to the greater Richmond area and to Northern Virginia. In March 2003, the NRC approved 20 year license extensions for both Units 1 & 2.

An artificial lake, Lake Anna, was constructed on the North Anna River to provide a reservoir of water coolant for use with the nuclear plant. Exhaustive studies have shown that the lake's abundant aquatic life are not harmed by the plant's operation.

Dominion currently owns nuclear power plants in Virginia (North Anna, Surry), Connecticut (Millstone), and Wisconsin (Kewaunee). North Anna is similar in design and appearance to Surry Power Station.

Unit 3

North Anna Nuclear Power Plant is currently going through the lengthy process of obtaining regulatory permission to build an additional unit at the site. Dominion Nuclear North Anna, LLC submitted its application for an Early Site Permit (ESP) for the North Anna site on September 25, 2003. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) issued the ESP on November 27, 2007. On the same day, Dominion submitted an application for a Combined Construction and Operating License (COL) for a 1,520 MWe GE–Hitachi Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (ESBWR), designated as North Anna Unit 3.

In 2009, having failed to agree on terms for an engineering construction and procurement deal with GE-Hitachi to actually build the reactor, Dominion issued a new request for proposals from reactor vendors. In 2010, Dominion announced that it had selected a 1,700 MWe, US-specific version of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' (MHI) Advanced Pressurized Water Reactor (APWR) for the potential Unit 3.

Proposed plans to add a new reactor to the North Anna site have brought public protest. On August 7, 2008 six activists from the Peoples Alliance for Clean Energy were arrested at the North Anna Information Center for trespassing.

On Oct 29, 2010 Dominion president Tom Farrell told investors that Dominion had decided to slow its development of the proposed third reactor and wait until the combined construction permit-operating license (COL) was approved by the NRC before deciding to complete the project. This approval is expected in early 2013.
North Anna Nuclear Power Plant
Country United States
Locale Louisa County, near Mineral, Virginia
Status Operational
Commission date Unit 1: June 6, 1978
Unit 2: December 14, 1980
Licence expiration Unit 1: April 1, 2038
Unit 2: August 21, 2040
Operator(s) Dominion
Architect(s) Stone & Webster (Units 1 & 2)

Reactor information
Reactors operational 1,790 MW
(2 reactors)
Reactors planned 1 x 1,700 MW
Reactor type(s) Pressurized water reactor
Reactor supplier(s) Westinghouse