The Almaraz nuclear power plant is located in the municipal area of Almaraz (province of Cáceres) at the tail end of the Arrocampo reservoir on the left bank of the river Tajo. It consists of two PWRs of 939 and 894 MWe. The plant operates by means of a nuclear steam supply system made up of a pressurised light water reactor (PWR) supplied by the North American company Westinghouse.
Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant
Country Spain
Construction began 1973
Commission date September 1, 1983
Licence expiration 2021 (Almaraz 1) and 2023 (Almaraz 2)
Owner(s) Iberdrola (53% of both), Endesa, Union Fenosa
Operator(s) CNAT

Reactor information
Reactors operational 2 (total 1,900 MW)

Power generation information
Annual generation 19,692 GW·h
Net generation 325,437 GW·h