The Flamanville Nuclear Power Plant is located at Flamanville, Manche, France on the Cotentin Peninsula.

It houses two pressurized water reactors (PWRs) that produce 1300 MWe each and came into service in 1986 and 1987, respectively. It produced 18.9 TWh in 2005, which amounted to 4% of the electricity production in France. In 2006 this figure was about 3.3%.

Construction of Flamanville Nuclear Power Plant began on a new reactor, Flamanville 3, on 4 December 2007. The new unit is an Areva European Pressurized Reactor type and is planned to produce 1650 MWe from 2012 to 2072. EdF will invest some Eur 3.3 billion ($4.8 billion) during the construction phase.

In 2006, before the start of construction of unit 3, there were 671 workers regularly working at the two operational reactors.

EDF has previously said France’s first EPR will cost 4 billion euros and start commercial operations in 2013. The estimated cost has now increased to 5 billion euros ($6.5 billion) with an unspecified delay to the planned start.

Flamanville Nuclear Power Plant
Official name Centrale Nucléaire de Flamanville
Country France
Locale Flamanville, Manche
Coordinates 49°32′11″N 1°52′54″W / 49.53639°N 1.88167°W / 49.53639; -1.88167 / 49.53639; -1.88167
Status Operational
Construction began 1979
Commission date December 4, 1985 (December 4, 1985)
2014 (Flamanville 3 scheduled)
Operator(s) EDF
Constructor(s) Bouygues

Turbine information
Manufacturer(s) Alstom

Power generation information
Installed capacity 2,764 MW
Annual generation 17,917 GW·h
Net generation 331,816 GW·h