The Shimane Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power plant located in the town of Kashima-chou in the city of Matsue in the Shimane Prefecture. It is owned and operated by the Chūgoku Electric Power Company.

This plant was once said to be the closest nuclear power plant to a prefecture capital. However, on March 31, 2005, the area of Kashima-chou merged with Matsue (it was formerly in the Yatsuka District), making it exactly the same city as the prefecture capital.

New Scientist magazine has reported that, in June 2006, a previously unknown geological fault was identified close to the Shimane Nuclear Power Plant, but it is expected to be years before the plant is strengthened.

Shimane Nuclear Power Plant is located on a site that is 1.92 square kilometres (470 acres).

Reactors on site

Name Reactor Type Commission date Power Rating
Shimane - 1 BWR March 29, 1974 460 MW
Shimane - 2 BWR February 10, 1989 820 MW
Shimane - 3 (groundwork underway) ABWR March 2012 1373 MW

Shimane Nuclear Power Plant
Country Japan
Construction began July 2, 1970
Commission date March 29, 1974
Operator(s) Chugoku Electric Power Company

Reactor information
Reactors operational 1 x 460 MW
1 x 820 MW
Reactors planned 1 x 1373 MW

Power generation information
Annual generation 7,785 GW·h
Net generation 197,069 GW·h