The Yeonggwang Nuclear Power Plant is a large nuclear power station in the Jeollanam-do province of South Korea. The facility runs at an installed capacity of 5,875 MW.

There is one 947 MW unit (or reactor), one 953 MW unit, one 988 MW unit, one 994 MW unit, one 996 MW unit, and one 997 MW unit. All these units are of the Pressurized water reactor (PWR) reactor type. Unit-1 and Unit-2 were commissioned in 1986, Unit-3 in 1994, Unit-4 in 1995, Unit-5 in 2001, and Unit-6 in 2002.

Yeonggwang Nuclear Power Plant
Country South Korea
Location Jeollanam-do
Coordinates 35°24′54″N 126°25′26″E / 35.415°N 126.42389°E / 35.415; 126.42389Coordinates: 35°24′54″N 126°25′26″E / 35.415°N 126.42389°E / 35.415; 126.42389
Start of commercial operation 1986
Reactor type PWR
Reactors active 6
Capacity 5,875 MW
Status Operati

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