The Perry Nuclear Power Plant is located on a 1,100-acre (450 ha) site on Lake Erie, 40 miles (65 km) northeast of Cleveland in North Perry, Ohio, USA. The nuclear power plant is owned by First Energy Nuclear Operating Corporation.

Perry was the 100th power reactor licensed in the United States.

The reactor of Perry Nuclear Power Plant is a General Electric BWR-6 boiling water reactor design, with a Mark III containment design. The original core power level of 3,579 megawatts thermal was increased to 3,758 megawatts thermal in 2000, making Perry one of the largest BWRs in the United States.

Built at a cost of $6 billion, Perry-1 is one of the most expensive power plants ever constructed.

Perry Nuclear Power Plant was originally designed as a two-unit installation, but construction on Unit 2 was suspended in 1985 and formally canceled in 1994. At the time of cancellation, all of the major buildings and structures for the second unit were completed, including the 500-foot-tall (150 m) cooling tower. It is possible that a second unit could be constructed on the site, but current economical and regulatory conditions are not conducive to doing so (in addition to back taxes that would be due to the "abandon in place" designations on many objects in Unit 2). At any rate, the second unit would have to be re-built from the ground up to accommodate the newer reactor design that would almost certainly be installed.

On Sunday March 28, 2010, there was a fire in a lubrication system for one of the water pumps that feeds water for generation of steam. Reactor power was reduced to 70% as a safety precaution, and the fire was extinguished in less than three hours. Two plant fire brigade personnel were brought to a local hospital for "heat stress" following the fire. No customers lost power during this event.

In addition to Perry Nuclear Power Plant, First Energy also owns and operates the Davis-Besse and Beaver Valley nuclear plants.

Unit 1 Unit 2
Reactor Type BWR-6 BWR-6
Reactor Manufacturer General Electric General Electric
Turbine Manufacturer General Electric General Electric
Thermal Power 3,758 megawatts Unit canceled in 1994
Electrical Output 1,260 megawatts Unit canceled in 1994
Transmission System Connection 345,000 volts Unit canceled in 1994
Construction Permit Issued May 3, 1977 May 3, 1977 (construction suspended in 1985)
Initial Criticality June, 1986 Unit canceled in 1994
First Electrical Generation November 13, 1986 Unit canceled in 1994
Operational Date November 18, 1987 Unit canceled in 1994
Expiration of Original License March 18, 2026 Unit canceled in 1994


The reactor is owned and operated by FirstEnergy. Four of its subsidiaries each own a share in the plant:

Company Percentage Notes
Cleveland Electric Illuminating 44.9%
Ohio Edison 30%
Pennsylvania Power 5.2% Ohio Edison subsidiary
Toledo Edison 19.9%

Perry Nuclear Power Plant
Country United States
Locale Perry, Ohio
Coordinates 41°48′3″N 81°8′36″W / 41.80083°N 81.14333°W / 41.80083; -81.14333 / 41.80083; -81.14333
Status Operational
Commission date November 18, 1987
Licence expiration March 18, 2026
Construction cost $6 billion
Owner(s) Cleveland Electric (44.9%),
Ohio Edison (30%),
Toledo Edison (19.9%),
Pennsylvania Power (5.2%)
Operator(s) FirstEnergy Nuclear
Architect(s) Gilbert Associates

Reactor information
Reactors operational 1 x 1231 MW
Reactors cancelled 1 x 1231 MW
Reactor type(s) boiling water reactor
Reactor supplier(s) General Electric

Power generation information
Annual generation 8,058 GW·h

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