The South Ukraine Nuclear Power Station is a nuclear power station in Ukraine.

South Ukraine Nuclear Power Station is located near the city of Yuzhnoukrainsk in Mykolaiv province, approximately 350 kilometers (200 miles) south of Kiev. The nuclear power station has three VVER-1000 reactors and a net generation capacity of 2,850 megawatts (MW). It is at present the second largest of five nuclear power stations in Ukraine.

From South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant a 750 kV powerline runs to Isaccea, Romania; however this is largely dismantled or ruined.

Since 2005 Energoatom has been using the third power unit of the Yuzhnoukrainsk NPP to test nuclear fuel produced by Westinghouse, mixed with Russian assemblies. In August 2005, the third reactor of the Yuzhnoukrainsk NPP was loaded with the first six experimental fuel assemblies produced by Westinghouse.

In September 2009, Westinghouse transferred a further 42 fuel assemblies to Energoatom for the third reactor of the Yuzhnoukrainsk NPP. The main supplier of fuel for nuclear power plants in Ukraine is currently TVEL, with whom NNEGC in 1997 signed a contract for the supply of fresh nuclear fuel for Ukrainian WMR until 2010.

Energoatom operates all four active nuclear power plants in Ukraine. Zaporizhzhia, Yuzhnoukrainsk, Rivne and Khmelnytsky stations have 15 generating units in total. Equipped with water-moderated reactors, they have a total installed electrical capacity of 13.835 MW.

South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant
Country Ukraine
Coordinates 47°49′0″N 31°13′0″E / 47.816667°N 31.216667°E / 47.816667; 31.216667 / 47.816667; 31.216667
Construction began 1975
Commission date October 18, 1983
Owner(s) Energoatom
Operator(s) National Nuclear Energy Generating Company

Reactor information
Reactors operational 3 x 1,000 MW

Power generation information
Annual generation 16,746 GW·h
Net generation 329,175 GW·h

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