The Rivne Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power plant in Kuznetsovsk, Rivne Oblast, Ukraine.

On May 14, 2009, a fire broke out in Unit 1 of Ukraine's Rivne Nuclear Power Plant. Personnel from the Rivne Plant were able to extinguish the blaze themselves. The reactor unit was shutdown for routine maintenance and repairs at the time of the incident.

Rivne Nuclear Power Plant has four reactors:

Station Type Net capacity Initial criticality Grid date
Unit 1 VVER-440/213 361 MWe Dec 1980 Sep 1981
Unit 2 VVER-440/213 384 MWe Dec 1981 Jul 1982
Unit 3 VVER-1000/320 950 MWe Nov 1986 May 1987
Unit 4 VVER-1000/320 950 MWe 1984 Oct 2004
Unit 5 (suspended plan) VVER-1000/320 950 MWe N/A N/A

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