The Grafenrheinfeld Nuclear Power Plant (Kernkraftwerk Grafenrheinfeld, or KKG but the Gösgen plant in Switzerland shares the abbreviation) is located near Grafenrheinfeld, south of Schweinfurt in Main. Commencement of construction was in 1974, start-up took place 1981. It is a German third generation PWR with an electrical net power of 1345 megawatts. E.ON is the operator with a location in Hanover. The two cooling towers with a height of 143 m are visible from far away. Like with almost all other nuclear plants, emporary storage facilities for spent nuclear fuel are present on site. There is an information center at the power station.

In the anti-nuclear children's book Die Wolke (1987), the power plant undergoes a fictional meltdown.

Grafenrheinfeld Nuclear Power Plant
Official name Kernkraftwerk Grafenrheinfeld
Country Germany
Locale Grafenrheinfeld
Construction began January 1, 1975
Commission date December 21, 1981
Owner(s) E.ON
Operator(s) E.ON

Reactor information
Reactors operational 1 x 1,345 MW
Reactor type(s) PWR
Reactor supplier(s) Siemens

Turbine information
Manufacturer(s) Siemens

Power generation information
Installed capacity 1,345 MW
Annual generation 9,425 GW·h
Net generation 235,027 GW·h

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