The Ikata Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power plant in the town of Ikata in the Nishiuwa District in Ehime Prefecture, Japan. It is the only nuclear plant on the island of Shikoku. It is owned and operated by the Shikoku Electric Power Company.

The plant is on a site with an area of 860,000 m2 (212 acres). 47% of the site is green, compared to the other plants Yonden operates which are 13.8, 45.5, 20.1, and 21.2%.

Reactors on site

Unit Reactor type Capacity First criticality Commissioned Type
Ikata - 1 PWR 566 MW February 17, 1977 September 30, 1977 Mitsubishi 2-loop plant
Ikata - 2 PWR 566 MW August 19, 1981 March 19, 1982 Mitsubishi 2-loop plant
Ikata - 3 PWR 890 MW March 29, 1994 December 15, 1994 Mitsubishi/Westinghouse 3-loop plant


  • On March 3, 2004 there was a coolant leak in Unit 3.

Technical achievements

  • On August 13, 2003 The maximum burnup for spent fuel was changed from 48,000 MWd/ton to 55,000 MWd/ton.
  • Ikata - 1 became the world's first all-in-one extraction of the core internals in a PWR. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries did replacement work of the upper and lower internals in order to accommodate more control rods and allow for higher fuel burnup.
  • Ikata - 3 loaded a partial MOX fuel core for the cycle beginning February 24, 2010.
Ikata Nuclear Power Plant
Country Japan
Construction began September 1, 1973
Commission date September 30, 1977
Operator(s) Shikoku Electric Power Company

Reactor information
Reactors operational 2 x 566 MW
1 x 890 MW

Power generation information
Annual generation 12,925 GW·h
Net generation 281,159 GW·h

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