Hope Creek Nuclear Power Plant is a thermal nuclear power plant located in Lower Alloways Creek Township, New Jersey on the same site as the two-unit Salem Nuclear Power Plant. The plant is owned and operated by PSEG Nuclear LLC. It has one unit (one reactor), a boiling water reactor (BWR) manufactured by GE. The Hope Creek reactor uses the same "Mark I" containment style found in the Fukushima I nuclear plant and a number of other reactors worldwide, although other aspects of the plant design differ. It has a generating capacity of 1,268 MWe. The plant came online on July 25, 1986, and its license to operate expires April 11, 2026. PSEG has applied for a 20-year license renewal.

Hope Creek Nuclear Power Plant is one of four licensed nuclear power reactors in New Jersey. The others are the two units at the Salem Nuclear Power Plant, and the one unit at Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station. As of January 1, 2005, New Jersey ranked 10th among the 31 states with nuclear capacity for total MWe generated. In 2003, nuclear electricity generated over one half of the electricity in the State.
Hope Creek Nuclear Power Plant
Country United States
Locale Lower Alloways Creek
Status Operational
Construction began 1974–1986
Commission date December 20, 1986
Licence expiration April 11, 2026
Operator(s) PSEG
Architect(s) Bechtel
Constructor(s) Bechtel

Reactor information
Reactors operational 1 x 1059 MW
Reactor type(s) GE-5
Reactor supplier(s) General Electric

Power station information
Generation units 1 GE 25kV

Power generation information
Installed capacity 1059 MW
Annual generation 8,104 GW·h

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