The Waterford Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power plant located on a 3,000-acre (12-km²) plot in Killona, Louisiana, in St. Charles Parish. Waterford is operated by Entergy Nuclear and is owned by Entergy Louisiana, Inc.

This Waterford Nuclear Power Plant has one Combustion Engineering two-loop pressurized water reactor. The plant produces 1,218 megawatts of electricity since the site's last refuel in October 2009. It has a dry ambient pressure containment building.

On August 28, 2005, Waterford shut down due to Hurricane Katrina approaching and declared an unusual event. Shortly after Katrina, Waterford restarted and now is in normal operation.

Entergy is planning to replace the unit's two steam generators as well as the reactor vessel closure head and control element drive mechanisms during a refueling outage in 2011. The project is estimated to cost $511 million. The steam generators are being replaced due to normal wear and tear on the equipment. Waterford 3 is one of the last units in its class to replace its steam generators. Entergy petitioned the Louisiana Public Service Commission on June 27, 2008 for approval of the project.

Waterford Nuclear Power Plant
Country United States
Locale Killona, Louisiana
Status Operational
Commission date September 24, 1985
Licence expiration December 18, 2024
Owner(s) Entergy Louisiana
Operator(s) Entergy Nuclear

Reactor information
Reactors operational 1 x 1,218 MW
Reactor type(s) pressurized water reactor
Reactor supplier(s) Combustion Engineering

Power generation information
Annual generation 8,949 GW·h

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