Temelín Nuclear Power Plant (Jaderná elektrárna Temelín, abbreviation JETE) is located near Temelín, a small village in the Czech Republic. Temelín NPP is owned by ČEZ Group, which employs 1000 workers at this site. The adjacent castle Vysoký Hrádek serves as an information centre.

Technical data

Station Reactor type Net capacity Gross capacity Initial criticality Grid date Exp. shutdown
Temelín 1 VVER 1000/320 963 MWe 1013 MWe Dec 2000 Jun 2002 2042
Temelín 2 VVER 1000/320 963 MWe 1013 MWe Dec 2002 Apr 2003 2043

The plant has four cooling towers. Each tower has a height of 150 metres (490 ft), a diameter of 130 metres (430 ft), and an external wall surface area of 44,000 square metres (470,000 sq ft).

The reactor vessel contains 163 fuel assemblies; a single assembly has 313 fuel rods. There are 61 control rods.

New reactors in Temelin Nuclear Power Plant

Plans to build all four original reactors were reopened in 2005. In 2007 planning was suspended because a new government agreed not to promote nuclear energy; a Green Party was a member of the coalition government. However, in July 2008 ČEZ requested the Ministry of the Environment conduct an environmental impact assessment for two additional reactors. In 2009 regional approval was granted for the new build. ČEZ plans to begin construction in 2013, with completion of the first block in 2020. In August 2009, ČEZ sought bids for two pressurized water reactors (PWRs). As of 2010 the companies bidding for the project are Areva, Westinghouse Electric Company, and a consortium of Skoda JS, Atomstroyexport and Gidropress. The winner of the tender will be made public in 2011. Shortly after Fukushima I nuclear accidents, Prime Minister Petr Nečas announced that the construction of new reactors will continue according to the original plans.

Temelín Nuclear Power Station
Country Czech Republic
Status Operational
Construction began 1981
Commission date June 10, 2002
Construction cost 98.6 billion CZK
Operator(s) ČEZ, a. s.
Constructor(s) Westinghouse, Skoda JS

Reactor information
Reactors operational 2 x 963 MW
Reactor type(s) VVER 1000/320 PWRs

Power generation information
Annual generation 11,377 GW·h
Net generation 51,518 GW·h

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